A Systematic Way to Investigate Controversial Topics

nlite helps identify the top arguments for all sides in a controversy. The idea is that once the top arguments for all sides are identified, it will be much easier to make a decision.

Don't raise your voice. Improve your argument!
Desmond Tutu
What makes nlite different?

nlite does not use the commonly used up-vote and down-vote buttons to rank submitted content.


That is because this approach induces a bias towards early submissions; they get more visibility and thus more votes.


Instead, we use a pairwise comparisons based approach that ensures all submitted arguments are screened!


nlite never takes sides in controversies. It only helps identify the top arguments for all sides!

Learn more by watching the easy-to-follow video below:



Don't engage in emotional, unproductive debates. Consider nliting controversies instead!

People Are Talking!

nlite helps replace the all-too-common emotional and wasteful debates with a setting where everyone can take the time to communicate their ideas based on sound reasoning, fostering constructive dialogue.

Here's an irony about nlite: Imagine you question its usefulness. Others will then ask you for your arguments, and they'll present theirs too for why they think it may be helpful. Soon, things can get complicated, and to organize the discussion, you may find it most convenient to create a topic page on nlite.

So, your attempt to prove nlite is not useful may end up proving that it is indeed helpful!

One aspect of nlite that I find particularly useful is its ability to organize discussions in a nested manner. For example, when examining the topic of abortion, one can refer to a page that discusses the existence of a personal God. This feature helps prevent any single page from becoming overwhelmed with excessive information.

I also appreciate that the efficiency and rigor offered by nlite are accompanied by a playful and pleasant experience!